Thursday, June 14, 2018

Grade 5/6 How we organize ourselves

Time is flying! Year end performance is just around the corner and we are all busy with rehearsals, assessments, portfolios and so on. We are working really hard for the last celebration of learning and we hope that you can all participate in it.

This week, as a part of Grade 6 exhibition and Grade 5 unit of inquiry, we visited one of the supermarkets located in Omotesando. It was a really good experience which helped us understand how much work was required for the arrangement of the goods and services in the supermarket. We also had an opportunity to interview with the market manager to get to know more about selling products, market design, packaging, labeling, discount, so on. Ms. Naomi helped us translate our questions and answers from the manager. We really appreciate her support during the visit.

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