Thursday, June 7, 2018

Grade 5/6 How we organize ourselves

Since the Undokai practices were finished, we have been heavily working on our inquiry  and exhibition projects. In Grade 5, we completed conducting the survey. We asked nine questions about chocolate to get to know more about the customer's demand. After collecting all the data, we sorted them and made a bar chart about the survey result. According to the data, we wrote a final report about what kind of chocolate bar we wanted to produce. As a next step, we will shoot a short commercial video about the product. 

In Grade 6, we have been working on the exhibition project which  is about the changing economic activities from past to now. We have been searching about barter system, online shopping, bitcoin, block chain, amazon-go and so on. Next week, we will go to a Japanese super market and do an interview with the market manager to know more about the exchange of goods and services in Japan.

In Grade 5 Math, we derive and use the formula for the area of a triangle and find the area of the shaded triangle related to a given rectangle.
In Grade 6, we practice to find the circumference of a circle given its radius or diameter and find the perimeter of parts of circles.

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