Friday, June 8, 2018

Grade 1 Week 10 Term 3 How We Organize Ourselves

Grade 1 has been studying lines and color in Art class, researching information about man's best friend and understanding how dogs service our community. This is Kosei's German Shepherd. It can be a police dog or a guide dog for the blind.

Azmi did an amazing Chocolate Lab. It is often used as a hunting dog. 

Sule drew a Pomeranian. These dogs help patients feel better in hospitals. 

Yui did a Korean Jindo.

Saeed created a bulldog. They make good watchdogs.

Kai did a Golden Retriever. These dogs fetch things. 

Baltazar picked a Dalmatian. This dog is often called a fire dog. 

Elysia has begun to use pastels on her incredible Mexican Chihuahua. 

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