Thursday, May 17, 2018

Grade 5/6 Week 6 How we organize ourselves

This week, we continued our theme by deepening our inquiry. Firstly, we decided our main project about the central idea. In order to understand the idea of supply and demand and economic activities, we discussed about what processes were required to sell goods in the market. First of all, we aimed for producing products in three main categories, which were food, toy and stationery. We picked one item for each category and wrote a short paragraph with pros and cons. As a second step of this, we will produce its package, decide the taste of it and come up with a short commercial video and motto.  This project will help us understand the system of production in an easier way.

In Grade 5 Math, We continued the unit dividing a fraction by  a fraction. We applied strategies and results from simpler problems to more complex problems. In Grade 6 Math , we continued solving problems involving proportions.

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