Friday, May 18, 2018

Grade 1 Week 7 Term 3 How We Organize Ourselves

 Grade 1 has been busy practicing for their (Undokai) Sports Day coming up next Saturday. 

We have been looking into how our community organizes itself. Our class has been designing parks with 9 pieces of playground equipment. 

Here you can see a climbing wall,  a rocking spring toy, a merry-go-round, and a see-saw. 

Fishing is allowed here!

This park has a nice slide and fort.

Yui's park has a swing set, spiral slide, zip line and map key. 

Some of us finished up on how we can organize trash in Japan. These are burnable items.

Elysia came up with a great idea about having a picnic on our rug during lunchtime. 

We learned about the word "beyond" and made sentences. For example, the forest is beyond the river bank. 

These guys are real Samarai! 

Our group made hats in Japanese class. 

TGIF! We blew off some steam because we worked hard!

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