Thursday, April 5, 2018

Grade 5/6 Week 1 Sharing the planet

Transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the Planet
Central Idea: Conflicts have multiple points of view and various paths to resolution.
Related concepts: Prejudice, Justice, Behavior
Lines of Inquiry
Cause: Causes of conflicts.
Connection: Various strategies used to resolve conflicts.
Responsibility: Consequences and responsibilities of resolutions.        

This week, we have started our new unit of inquiry. First of all, we were presented the central idea. Through mind mapping, and discussion, we have written down what we know and what we want to know more about. After these, we decided to learn more about the World War 2 and peacemakers all around the world. We watched short documentaries to learn the fact of WW 2 and read some books and started to write reflection about our feelings about it. As a second step of this inquiry, we are going to search about peace makers and learn about how they resolve the conflicts in their countries.

In Grade 6 Math, we learned about measurement, shape and space unit. In measurement, we converted between units when solving problems involving mass. In shape and space, we named and recognized different polygons. In Grade 5 Math, we calculated the perimeters of squares and rectangles. In addition to these, in Grade 5/6, we reviewed the unit percentages through another math resource.

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