Friday, April 13, 2018

Grade 1 Week 3 Term 3 Sharing the Planet

We have been making musical instruments from countries around the world. This is a maraca that was made by Baltazar.

The children are reusing common material to make musical instruments such as this xylophone by Azmi. He used chopsticks and pencils.

Kosei made this gong and xylophone with a tin box and paper.

This is Elysia's African malimba! 

These cymbals were created by Yui and made from ordinary CD's. 

Grade 1 toots its French Horn!

This is an amazing whistle made from a carrot. 

For International Children's Day, we are also making a science lab. The students used rulers to measure and symmetry. 

This rectangle turned into a bottle.

Our test tubes, beakers and flasks turned out well. 

The children wanted to show that nuclear energy is a nonrenewable resource.

Some of our class members got certificates for good behavior on the bus during our morning assembly. 

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