Thursday, April 5, 2018

Grade 1 Week 2 Term 3 Sharing the Planet

Grade 1 has been doing some fish art. Osman and Yui finished their fish! These fish look like a guppies or betas! 

By Azmi

By Kai 

By the rest of the gang, give or take a few!

We have been talking about doing constructive things for our classroom. One of our students took the talk to heart and she was a real inquirer. Elysia noticed that our clocks would fit into the holes of the drawers. She set the times on the clocks and the rest of  the children wrote the times in their math books. 

We have been studying "half past, quarter past and quarter to" as related to time. One of the children noticed that their book had "half-past two" in it. Talking about making connections, it makes a teacher proud!
The children have been practicing their math facts independently. The tick mark on the board is a backwards check mark at the end of the problem that means we got it right. 
In Mathematics, we have been studying about groups of numbers. One thinker noticed that our carpet has one group of four. 1 x 4 = 4. 
We also noticed that Kiwis have groups of seeds!

The children have been doing probability (or the chances of something happening) in Mathematics too.

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