Thursday, March 8, 2018

Grade 5/6 Week 9 How the world works

This week, we were busy with our posters, info graphics, suisha festival and earthquake drill. As for inquiry, we finally completed our posters about the natural materials and how to use them sensibly. We also started our new project, which is to reuse the plastic bottles for daily life purposes. Firstly, we collected different sized pet bottles and watched some videos about how to reuse them in different ways. After we decided what to do with them, we recorded a video showing each step of the process. As a final step, we began to edit the video by adding subtitles and background music. As a part of this inquiry, Naomi Sense contacted Chiyoda recycling center and received some sample materials demonstrating the steps of reusing materials. We are also getting ready for our celebration of learning and looking forward to sharing our projects with the families.

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