Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grade 5/6 Week 10 How the world works

This week, we finished our posters, info graphics and movies. As a final step of our inquiry, we practiced how to present our learning. It gave us an opportunity to think how to convey our ideas and opinions in a most effective way. During the practices, we discussed about how important the posture, body language, facial expressions and intonations were. On Thursday, during the celebration of learning, we successfully presented our central idea and lines of inquiry to our parents. They appreciated our hard wok and research about the unit. During Math class, we worked on percentages. In addition to that, we also discussed with our parents how many percentages of sleeping, game and other daily activities were done in a typical day. Overall, it was a successful parents morning and celebration of learning for us. We really enjoyed sharing our learning with them. We would like to thank them all for showing up for the day despite their busy schedule. 

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