Thursday, February 22, 2018

Grade 1 Week 7 Term 2 How the World Works

We made another microscope to observe the world around us. 

This time the children used a plastic container, aluminum foil, tape, an index card, and a straight pin

By putting a small hole in the card, it acted as a focal point to enlarge the viewing of a pin. 

The students went to stations this week and one of the stations was a puzzle center.

The puzzle turned out to be a cute dog surrounded by hearts. 

Most everybody was caring and helped make a Maglev train in preparation of Science Week. This project helped us learn about symmetry.

We also were communicators and make posters about the attributes of magnets. This poster is Darth Vader. It explains that magnets have forces.

Another poster told about opposites attracting to each other.

We found out that magnets have a north and a south pole also.

Of course, magnets are strong and they can pick up paperclips and this dinosaur.

Magnets have fields a little different from this one.

Steel like magnets. This poster is designed after the American National Football League team the Pittsburg Steelers.

This mystery picture help the children's curiosity and made them listen to directions.

We are still painting birds to show that some birds don't fly home for winter and learn some art techniques. 

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