Thursday, February 15, 2018

Grade 1 Week 6 How the World Works Term 2

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! The students have started a new unit "How the World Works." Our central idea is "Science involves exploring and observing the world using senses." We made a microscope with an eyedropper, our finger, a clothespin, a plastic disc, a hole puncher and water.  The children used their sense of sight. The word "microscope" means "small seeing." The water drop formed a dome like a contact lens. 

We could see small objects up close.

We had to put our finger in the hole for the water to adhere to the plastic.

Grade 1 did a writing assignment about a knight in shining armor. We listed the knight's armor pieces. 

We played "Scramble" and made sight words.

Our spelling words this week were "ight" words such as knight, night, bright and light.

Elysia made a drum set and played for us!

In Mathematics, we have been learning about money. Here, we made 22 yuan. 

Grade 1 also did a listening exercise with a grid and made a picture. This is a picture of a bear!

The children tried some crayon resistant art today! Our focus was on raindrops and rainbows.

Fantastic work, Simba! 

This dog kept quiet in our classroom!

This disc flies!

We have great helicopter pilots!

We had some intriguing Show and Tells today!

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