Friday, February 9, 2018

Japanese culture day

 Japanese culture day was held on February 2nd. This years theme was Setsubun.
 All students prepared for that day such as decorating boxes, made bowling games..etc. .They started making crafts and goods two weeks before Japanese culture day. They looked not only having fun but also cooperated each other :)

 On Japanese culture day, students gathered in the hall with their handmade Oni hat. Grade 5&6 played a role as MC. Students sang a Japanese song [mamemaki] with Japanese music ASP accompaniment, watched Rakugo show, sprinkled paper beans. After that, they separated into groups and enjoyed activities!
Grade 5&6 MC were both Japanese and English, they took in turns.Their speech were awesome!

 The professional Rakugo performer came to school. His name is
 [金原亭馬治 師匠]
Kingentei Umaji Sishou. He pretended to eat delicious noodle and not delicious noodle using a folding fan.
 He also pretended few funny peoples. Yotarou(story hero )'s father ordered him some errands to visit neighborhood  house, but he misunderstood everything what his father said. Then He asked funny questions to the neighborhood.
 Students laughed a lot and seemed really enjoyed watching Rakugo.
Kindergarten spread paper beans and tried to put into boxes. Grade 4 helped them.

 Activities  Below

①Otedama and Kendama

② Mukashibanasi movie
They watched the movie(Japanese old story about Setsubun)

③Oniwasoto bowling game
They used their own handmade ball. Grade 4&5&6 helped lower grade while bowling games. 

④Origami balloon

⑤Shiratama dango (Kinako and Anko flavour)

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