Saturday, February 17, 2018

Japanese class ( G5&6 sent post cards!)

 5年生と6年生が、神宮前の郵便局へ歩いて行ってきました。目的は、顔彩で描いた絵と手紙を封筒に入れて自分の国に送ることでした。(それぞれの生徒が誰に送ったかは、届いてからのお楽しみですよ :) 
 Grade 5&6 walked to the post office to send their hand drawing Japanese Gansai art card and letter to each countries.

 It was their first time to  buy something in the counter and ask salesperson in Japanese. At first  students were nervous,  but they could buy stamps very well! Moreover, they could correctly choose coins from a wallet.


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