Thursday, February 22, 2018

Grade 5/6 Week 7 How the world works

Transdisciplinary theme: How the world works
Central Idea: Materials used to further human progress provide challenges and benefits for society and the environment.
Related concepts: Transformation, consequences and impact
Lines of Inquiry
Change: Changes that materials must undergo to fulfill our needs.
Connection: How societies take advantage of the properties of materials.
Responsibility: The impact of retrieval, production and use of materials on the                                     environment.

This week, we have started our new unit of inquiry. First of all, we have chosen our books  and discussed about what topics we are going to search about. After that, we decided to learn more about how plastic and wood are used for the benefits of society and what processes are needed to make these materials useful for various purposes. In addition to our inquiry, we have done our ISA external assessment test. It was a good opportunity to reflect on our progress in math and language literacy. 

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