Friday, February 2, 2018

Grade 1 Week 4 Term 2 How We Express Ourselves

Grade 1 has been doing some bird painting.

 We have been learning art step by step. We recently added branches and a background. This bird is by Kosei. It looks like it is smiling! 

Azmi is a master painter. His bird turned out well. He used a sponge for the sky and ground. Remember, we are only in 1st Grade. 

This is Kai's bluebird of happiness. 

Our class is learning that sentences start with capital or big letters and end in periods. A sentence makes a complete thought. 

We are learning to edit and take Spelling tests! We are concentrating, being risk takers and inquirers! 

Our handwriting is improving.

We researched our topics and made emojos! We took action and made posters for one of our Lines of Inquiry. 

The children like their show and tells!

We saw a turtle house today.

The children had a great time during Japanese Cultural Day!

They divided up into groups and went to different venues for activities like juggling, a food corner, a bowling game and origami.

We listened to a professional comical story teller.

Everyone showed their skills doing kendama. 

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