Friday, January 19, 2018

Japanese How we express ourselves week2

This week, whole school students made Ema and decorated in the hallway. They wrote this year's resolutions, dream, etc...  Many wishes are gathered.
I will show you some of them.
・にんぎょになりたい(I want to be a mermaid) 
・いもうとがほしい(I want a little sister)   
・がかになりたい (I want to be a painter)             
・うちゅうに行きたい(I want to go to the space)
・かがくしゃになりたい(I want to be a scientist )     
                            (I wish I will be good at piano)           
・算数ができるようになりたい(I want to be good at math)
・日本語が上手に話せるようになりたい(I want to be good at speaking Japanese)
・大統領になりたい(I want to be a president) 
・弁護士になりたい(I want to be a lawyer)
・魔法が使えるようになりたい(I wish I could use magic power)   


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