Friday, January 26, 2018

Grade 1 Week 3 Term 2 How We Express Ourselves

The children got to enjoy the recent snowfall at recess this week!

We had a ball! 

In Mathematics, we sorted numbers into categories such as ordinal, nominal, cardinal, even and odd numbers. 

The activity helped us to get familiar with numbers and we will work our way up to Venn diagrams. 

The children have been playing language games to enhance their spelling and reading skills.  In this game, the students made double vowel words. 

We are continuing our shared poetry and learning some all important sight words!

The children are using Unifix cubes to visualize and make fractions.

We played Cloze. This is where children try to insert words into blanks to make a proper sentence with our smart board. 

A game called "Shark Attack" proved to be very popular and help the children learn the "greater than" sign. 

We have started to get into shading techniques in Art and signs of winter.

We began making the outline of this Blue Jay with a light blue.

Then, we added a darker shade. Next week, the class will add details in this multi-step process.

In ICT, we are doing symmetry.

Some of us are measuring objects in the room with our hands and meter sticks. 

We also made numbers with cubes and counted how many cubes that it took to make them. We estimated the number of cubes that it took for ten by counting the cubes in 1 and 8 and subtracting the 3 cubes across in the number 8. 

We practiced for our Spelling Test too. 

Today we had a kitten, hamster, Godzilla, Darth Vader, and an owl visit our classroom for Show-and-Tell. 

This magical cat can fly.

This owl mimics people's voices!

I'll update you on our PYP activities next week. They are so numerous that I will have to use 2 more Blogs to explain them.

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