Friday, January 19, 2018

Grade 1 Week 2 Term 2 How We Express Ourselves

This week, I finished assessing the children and will up the work load for those who need it and give extra help to those who require it.

We explored the signs of winter. 

Some birds like cardinals don't fly south!

The male cardinal is a bright red bird and the female is sort of a grayish color. 

A predator (or enemy) will follow the male bird because he stands out. 

One of our Learner Profiles words for the PYP is "balanced!"

                       These cardinals are taking an alternative form of transportation.

                                                     A mobile was made with our birds. 

We had Show and Tell again with some interesting results.

This train's doors open.

These wheels look like they are made of cow skin.

The Coral snake is more poisonous than the python.

We had our first Spelling Test!

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