Friday, January 12, 2018

Grade 1 How We Express Ourselves Term 2 Week 1

We learned about rectangles, squares and oblongs by doing origami (folding) and kirigami (cutting). 

1st Grade made a castle and wrote a New Year's promise on it.

     The class continued their studies about shapes using blocks. Elysia made the above castle.

The children have been doing some Echo and Choral poetry reading with their teacher. 

We played an English word game whereby the students caught the ball and guessed the word. 
Everybody practiced spelling their color words that we will have a test on next Friday. 

We did mathematics with problems such as 36 - 5. The children learned that they could subtract the 5 from the 6 and bring the 3 down in the tens place to get the answer 31. 
The children have been learning to problem solve in ICT class with computers. 
 Our show and tells were really interesting today with houses, cars, dinosaurs and Ninja stars!

 This is a slinky and it glows in the dark! This giant spring-like toy can walk down steps! 

                     The princess is ready to be rescued by Mario and the rest of the crew!
                  This remote controlled dinosaur moves, chews and his eyes light up! 

                                      This Super Ball sparkles and bounces really high!
                            No show and tell would be anything without Captain America!
 The dinosaur's eggs hatched and we have twin dinosaurs in our room. 

                                        First Grade has brand new set of Ladybird Readers!

                             The pupils are learning to organize their work and possessions. Our new PYP unit is "How We Express Ourselves."

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