Thursday, December 7, 2017

Week 15 Where We are in Place and Time Grade 5

We have been practicing for our Celebration of Learning. This song is entitled "Europa" by Carlos Santana. Our group will be using a special flame drive on our ukulele amp to make it sound like an electric guitar. 

We did the following real-life word problem in Math: Mrs. Mason volunteers to make one prize ribbon for each of the forty-seven students who will attend math camp. Mrs. Mason will decorate each prize ribbon with sequins. Mrs. Mason buys packages of sequins. Each package holds one-fourth of a pound of sequins. Each package has enough sequins to decorate six prize ribbons. How many packages of sequins does Mrs. Mason need to buy to make the prize ribbons? How many pounds of sequins does Mrs. Mason have to buy to make the prize ribbons? What part of a pound of sequins will be used to make each prize ribbon? Show all your mathematical thinking.

Mrs. Mason needs to buy 8 packages of sequins, which is 2 pounds of sequins. 1/24 of a pound of sequins will make one prize ribbon.

We also did a problem about a snowflake about what angles are the outer points on a snowflake.

 Grade 5 and 6 have been working hard in Art on their New Year's Day cards. Next week, a card will be selected from each Grade level and sent to parents and friends.

Our students have been trying to use more ingenious words in our reflections and writing. 
We have a surprise planned for our Celebration of Learning and it may involve this horn!

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