Thursday, November 2, 2017

Grade 6 Week 10 Where We Are in Time and PLace

We have begun a new transdisciplinary unit called "Where We Are in Time and Place." Our Central Idea is "Past civilizations left legacies that are present today." Our Lines of Inquiry are 1.) How past civilizations developed and operated. 2.) How past civilizations made important discoveries and inventions. 3.) How ancient civilizations impact our lives today. We will looking into the concepts of form, function and causation. 

Grade 5 has been researching about the contributions of the Incan civilization in Peru.
We are making a Jeopardy game to help people gain some knowledge about the Incans. Jeopardy is a famous quiz show in America that has been going on for about 50 years with the same game show host.
We made these slides with PowerPoint. See if you can figure out the answers.

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