Thursday, October 19, 2017

Grade 5 Week 8 Who We Are

Diego and Moritz enthusiastically acted as Masters of Ceremony at the Celebration of Learning.

This is the script that they helped write and used.

Grade 5 and 6 was quite surprised after 4 days that we had grown so many mushrooms. 
                                             We cut the mushrooms off of our log. 

Science is fun!

These mushrooms can be dried, boiled and eaten with some vegetables or meat inside.
Our group displayed our 2nd crop of Mushrooms at the Celebration of Learning. We trimmed 13 mushrooms off our 2nd yield beforehand. 
Some people were afraid to come in our room because of the mushrooms. 
As an extra incentive to come in our room, we handed out 13 mushroom rings that were made using baked clay. 

Nice dining room, Moritz!

The boys showed off their virtual houses that they designed.

Notice Diego's lava lamp!

We were communicators and  gave our presentations on Columbus- Villain or Hero and Hobbies.

For Literacy Week, one of us acted in a play for Ms. Sara. (I won't claim this one!)

The Wimpy Kid also visited our classroom!

The children listened to a story during Guided Reading!

Diego participated in a team Spelling Bee!

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