Friday, October 13, 2017

Grade 5 Week 7 Who We Are


 For our Science inquiry, Grade 5 and 6 inspected a box put on their table by Mr. Apperson. The Japanese sign on the box stated to open the box immediately or something will grow inside. The children enthusiastically tried to guess the contents of the box. The cover on the box looked like a bearded man. On further inspection, another picture came to our minds.
Here are our opened-minded scientific guesses. The box contained shiitake mushrooms. We found out that they are beneficial to people by killing cancer cells, providing vitamin c and other nutrients for energy, and aiding in healthy skin. 

The students opened the outer box to find an inner box.  We were curious how mushrooms  grow. 

 We found a log in a plastic bag with a slime type of a substance on it.
 The students removed the plastic bag and noticed a musty smell. 

                                                  The log was immersed in water.

The slimy log was inserted into a bag with holes in it, clipped at the top and put in a dark spot at room temperature. Later, when we yield mushrooms then we will dry the log in the sun. This will help it not rot.
During our cleanup. we noticed that bubbles could be made with soap and surgical gloves.

   Then, we discovered that the gloves could be made into boa bags like cow utters.
We are at the beginning stages of practicing the song "A Horse With No Name."

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