Friday, October 6, 2017

Grade 5 Week 6 Who We Are

Yes, there is homework! October 9th is a holiday! Please have your child fill out their homework books. I will begin to post assignments on the Blog again to promote responsibility! 
Grade 5 and 6- Reading and Music
Spelling Words for Friday:


 We have been working on our "statue" project. Our group has been figuring out how a statue of Columbus got in Lima, Peru. The children have been researching about ethnocentrism (how cultures evaluate other cultures by their own standards.)

We are making Columbus's ships that never reached Peru- the Nina (girl), Pinta (painted) and the Santa Maria.

Our classes participated in Children's Health Day. We ran, jumped rope, shot basketballs, and did hula hoops. 

Grades 5 and 6 are using exemplars for assessment purposes to be reflective and open-minded. An exemplar is an example of a child's work in visual and written terms. Here, we did some problem solving to find out how long a marshmallow package was. The children were assessed to see if they were an expert,  practitioner, apprentice or novice. The class members showed their thinking "out loud." Click on the picture to enlarge it in order to glance at our techniques. We found out that one person got confused on how to half a number. 

We have been keeping track of our Friday Marathon laps.  If we reach 50 laps then we can skip homework for one day of our choice. 

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