Thursday, October 12, 2017

Grade 3: Week 7 Who We Are

This week students are trying to solve a problem in the classroom that is stopping us from learning our best in the classroom.

Students finished surveying or observing other students and sorted out their information using graphs and reflecting on the information they gathered.

Students then made conclusions about why the problem was happening, and considered actions we can take as a class and personally to fix the problem.

We are now working on creating their Essential Agreements for the class and reflecting on what they can do to meet them.

Please remember next week is Literacy Week, we have a Costume Parade on Tuesday at 9.30am that you are welcome to come and watch. We also have the Celebration of Learning and Family Fun Day on Thursday.

Students will be taking part in a Reading Log Challenge. Grade 3 are taking part in the upper grade challenge and there are prizes for the person who reads the most chapters!

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