Thursday, October 5, 2017

Grade 3 Week 6 Who We Are

This week one of our students got the school bus award!

In language class, we did some revision about nouns and found some using stories.

It was also Health Day on Tuesday, so students had the chance to try different types of exercises in the gym.

During inquiry, students have located an issue in the classroom that stops us from learning our best. This week, students have created ways to find out why the problem they have chosen is happening in the classroom and what effect it has on our relationships with each other.

Some students asked others why they think the problem is happening, how it affects them, and what they think can be done to fix it.

Some students gathered their information by observing others interacting.

Next week, students will need to put their findings together so they can come up with a way to help us solve the problem in the classroom!

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