Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Show and Tell

 One of the most important parts of the child’s day is "show and tell." This is a quintessential part of a preschool education, as it gives children a break from learning and a chance to have a little fun. But did you know that your kids actually grow from each "show and tell" experience? For every day that your child participates, they build valuable skills that will help as they grow into adolescence and adulthood.
Here are three characteristics that your child builds every time they participate in "show and tell":
  • Self-Esteem. Your child may bring a favorite toy, a drawing, or a stuffed animal to "show and tell." When they do this, they’re exerting confidence in themselves and in what they love. The positive attention of the other students gives your child a boost in self-esteem, because it shows them that other people won’t judge what they love. If your child feels shy at first, they will warm up after a few sessions.
  • Oral Skills. "Show and tell" urges your child to speak up in class and explain what they love about their possessions.  the activity is structured in such a way that your child must respond to questions such as “How does this work?” and “What does this mean to you?” These kinds of questions will help your child learn to convey feelings, thoughts, and facts with words and complete sentences.
  • Social Skills. "Show and tell" is a group activity, so your child will learn to work and interact with peers. They will learn how to present themselves and gesture in a way that commands their audience’s attention. But most importantly, your child will connect with other classmates who enjoy interests similar to theirs. Because of this, your child will make friendships that will last for years, if not for a lifetime.

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