Thursday, September 21, 2017

Grade 5 Week 4 Who We Are

Grade 5 and 6 measured the diameter of a soccer ball in math class. A soccer ball is a truncated icosahedron. Our classes then figured out the circumference by measuring around the ball. After that, the boys took the circumference of the ball and divided by the diameter to come up with the value of pi (3.14). The students reversed their formula and multiplied pi by diameter to come up with the circumference. 
We also studied about mass, density and volume. We came up with some formulas that could be arranged to meet our needs. 
The class found out that the Volume is equal to the Mass divided by the Density. 
A pyramid helped us to memorize our formula better.
We have been making real life applications in our PYP Math with shapes to better our inquiry. Moritz has been finding out the hobbies of every grade level in our school to answer the question: "What aspects make up our identity?" He will use his integrity to make a chart to graph his data. Moritz found out that some of the children didn't know what a hobby was. So, he had to explain to people the definition and rephrase his question by saying "What do you like to do in the afternoon?" 

We added more shapes to our display and counted the faces, edges and vertices. 
Our action board is filling up with sayings, thinking and doings.

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