Thursday, September 28, 2017

Grade 5 Week 5 Who We Are

 Grade 5 and 6 expanded their studies into genetics by researching into Gregor Mendel.
In Mathematics, we made a spherical pumpkin and a truncated icosahedron (soccer ball).
Grades 5 and 6 have been surveying all the grade levels at JIES to find out people's hobbies. We found out that some people didn't know the meaning of the word "hobby. " So, we are teaching them. 

The most popular hobby was playing outdoors! 
We have been assigned the intermission music for the Celebration of Learning performance in December. We brought this drum set into our room to practice. 
"Blanc Noir" is one of the songs that we selected. Listen to our 2nd practice session on the guitar.

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