Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Grade 5 Term 1 Who We Are Week 3

Grades 5 and 6 manipulated geometric shapes in Mathematics. We put together a 7 piece puzzle called Tangram using our smart board.  This is real problem solving!
Just like us, shapes have faces! 

We have started a new spelling practice whereby we arrange alphabetical letters in order to spell words.  This procedure will help our kinetic learners. 

The children are learning how to write meaningful paragraphs in a caring way.  

Week 3 Homework: Monday- Pattern Tables; Reading
                                   Tuesday- Length; Reading
                                   Wednesday- Addition
                                   Thursday- Spelling Assessment Practice
                                    Friday- Math and Reading Comprehension

 Grade 5 and 6 has been studying about simple and complex machines. We focused on pulleys in Science.
Our class made a well and bucket. We will attempt to make a pulley to pull the bucket up from the well.
We were risk-takers and cooperated to make a crank handle and pulley to elevate our bucket.

Congratulations to the birthday boy from our class! We sang "Happy Birthday" to him during our Morning Meeting!

Grade 5 and 6 played "Ode to Joy" on their recorders. 

Here is a solo version of the same song accompanied by a piano. We made this presentation on Tuesday in front of the whole school during our morning meeting to introduce what a Learner Profile is.

"Your  profile shows how you look on the side of your face.The learner profile shows what the learners or students should look like when they are learning. For our “Who We   Are” unit we have chosen the learner profile called caring. Each Tuesday, classes will be showing us something   about caring. So, what is caring. It is all about treating people nicely and doing something that helps them. The opposite of caring is apathy or not caring. For example, if a person sits on a table then that person is showing that he or she doesn’t care if the table breaks and we have to buy a new one. You should ask the person if he or she cares about our school and seek help from your teacher, principal or parent. Remember it is all about caring. C is for Caring. A is for Attitudes. R is for Reaching. E is for Everybody. Please care about people." 

Week 2 Homework
Monday: Multiplication by One Digit
Tuesday: Fractions and Equivalents
Wednesday: Geometric Patterns
Thursday: Spelling Test
Words: stamp, provide, suffer, elect, address, nearly, employ, entertain, treasure, piece, relieve and concern
Friday: Show Bag Spree and Cross the River Math

 We took a picture of our profiles and made a silhouette using Monkey Pic and Microsoft Word.

 During Science, we made a Punnett Square to see how we got our eye color from our parents. We learned about dominate and recessive genes.
Week 1

 Grade 6 read a story on Amazon Cloud about Jackie Robinson. He was the first black man in major league baseball. The book is about inclusion of different races.
 We looked at superstitions from Germany. A superstition is a belief in an excessively credulous belief in super natural events.
We are into our "Who We Are" unit of inquiry. Our lines of inquiry are: 1. How personal qualities and spirituality contribute to identities and inform world views. 2. How family, peers, and media influence how individuals interact in given situations. The key concepts of this unit are perspective and causation. The group is focusing on the attribute of confidence and the learner profile is reflection and open-mindedness. 
 We made identity connections with I.D. cards, culture, race and the "Bourne Identity" movie.
 We found out that all countries have superstitions and some are the same.
 Grade 6 made some rules and essential agreements for our classroom.

Our class is going to use a robot to help them clean the floors. Look how shiny they are!

Moritz has been labeling his books for our units of inquiry according to subject matter. 

 Grade 6 made an incentive chart to help 1st Grade with their reading. 1st Grade students get a star and gold medal if they can read the book that we have prescribed for them. If the child can't read the book then they still get a gold medal. 
We had Guided Reading with Grade 1. The primary teacher has allowed the upper grade students to start a Read to Lead program. 

We have been learning about Algebra and Cartesian Planes in Mathematics. We are also doing the Primary Years Program International Targeting Mathematics. 

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