Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 38 How We Organize Ourselves

Jin puts the finishing touches on his car prop just in time for our Celebration of Learning. Is that a Bentley? 
Eren shows off one of our new sound systems that can be worn on a belt. We had to problem solve and figure out how to get 9 people to be heard on a limited supply of microphones. We used a headset mic, megaphone, wireless mic, hanging mics and a microphone attached to a speaker to do the trick. 

This is one of our many practices. We put the pieces together and made connections!
 Our car props and costumes looked pretty good for the performance.
 The children are preparing to take a last bow.
What an incredible encore with an appreciative audience. 
 Our group was involved in the Afternoon School Program Upper School dance too.
We sang Will I Am's "What I Am" song as a whole school. 
 Congratulations Grade 3 for having 2 students get awards for academics and fair play.
 Families give the added edge to children by supporting and nurturing them.
We have 3 generations of excellence handed down! Way to go!
It is our final picture together for this school. The pupils are now officially 4th Grade students.
We packed our bags and left! Congratulations for a fine, fine year! See you for Student-led conferences on Monday! Then, it is off to vacation land!!

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