Thursday, June 1, 2017

Week 35 How We Organize Ourselves Term 3

Grade 3 has been expanding our PYP Action Cycle in the action section to be more goal orientated. We used six words: Doing, Saying, Thinking, Being, Feeling and Having. We made 6 posters and we have been fastening sticky notes on our board when these actions transpire. For example, one of Eren's sayings was, "I want to do my best and change."

Emine is seen making a "Doing" poster. It reads, "Have you done something? Picked up? Stopped? Turned off?"

Our class has been learning about bar, pie and line graphs to plot data information.
Here is Sumire's graph that shows monthly collected data from a travel agency about the number of individual tickets sold for a Mediterranean cruise. She wanted to find out the best and worst months for cruise sales.
We read with Grade 2 again during Guided Reading. These 2 boys are enjoying the sunshine with some children's literature.

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