Thursday, April 27, 2017

Week 31 Sharing the Planet Grade 3

Our central idea is that "signs and symbols are a part of human made systems that facilitate local and global communication." Our girls are designing a car for our final "Celebration of Learning." The green circles on this picture are where the headlights will be. We will be doing a 3 minute rendition of the first scene of the movie musical entitled "LA La Land." 
 Much thought went into the process of changing the scale of the car. 
 This project is taking a lot of self-management skills. 
One of the templates was cut out and will be traced onto a huge piece of cardboard. 
Today, we tried out for the relay team for our upcoming Sports Day. 
The warm weather provided ideal running conditions and gave us confidence.
Everybody had great form, tried their best and cooperated!
Click on the movie icon to watch one of us run. Leyla, Eren, and Sumire ended up making the relay team. 

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