Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week 30 Sharing the Planet Grade 3

 We enjoyed the plum blossoms before our Pika Pika activity.
 Emine and Beyza were partners in this community service project.
 We organized ourselves to find our designated areas in order to pick up trash.
 Important Shibuya officials were present to wish us good fortune and to thank us for helping the community.
 Jin puts on his gloves and gets ready for some hard work.
 We traveled to different sections of the community and beautified our surrounding area.
 Our class made a JIES National Park gateway for International Children's Day.
Sean and Jin wrote about fires.

Sana researched about pollution.

Sumire looked up information regarding droughts and dry conditions with trees.

Beyza looked into insects.

Emine investigated into slope and trees.

Leyla did a nice paper on deadwood.

We are almost ready for Saturday's events.
One of our boys made a poster about construction damage. Eren's research showed that the tree is in shock when it it hit by a bulldozer and doesn't react until 7 years later.

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