Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sharing the Planet Week 29 Grade 3

 Grade 3 made a giant sakura (cherry) tree for the upcoming International Children's Day.
Inside our tree looks like the frame of a building. 

 Here, our tree doctor is taking a break. This project took a lot of hard physical work . 
The blossoms taught us about symmetry. We can fold our papers into halves, cut 3 sides and yield a 6 sided shape. Each of the sides will match perfectly. 
Some of our girls made 360 degree tree rings. It looked like a giant cookie. We can tell the life history of a tree by by examining its rings. Trees are an important part of our planet by providing shade, oxygen, decomposition for the soil and wood products. You can see the tree bark (skin), cambium (thick layer of cells), xylem (that brings water and food from the branches, twigs and leaves), heartwood (hardest wood and dead cells that give the tree strength) and pith (center of the tree) in this picture. 

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