Thursday, April 6, 2017

Grade 5/6: Week 28, Sharing the Planet

This week, students started organising their research and deciding how they are going to present their information at International Children's Day.

It has been an exciting week, as students have decided on what action they will take to help resolve the issue they have chosen in the local community. One of the Grade 6 student's issue is the declining population in Japan, and he wants to help the elderly in the local community by sending letters to the local community centre.

Students have asked the school community to help. JIES students who were interested in helping take action signed up. They were very excited to create letters for the local Harajuku Day Care Centre for the elderly. Students from all grades gave up their snack recess to come and help!

Next week, we have two visits to local sites to talk to expert groups helping out in the community.

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