Friday, April 28, 2017

Grade 2 Week 31 Sharing the Planet

We are wrapping up our study of animal habitats. This week we began to investigate a habitat right outside our classroom window, a small pond with tadpoles inside! The class observed what the tadpoles looked like and how they behave in the habitat.

After visiting the habitat again today, we saw that the tadpoles have grown a lot! 

We continued to learn about oil spills and how they effect animals and ocean habitats. To simulate an oil spill, we dissolved a bath bomb in a tub of water. The students observed that the pattern and bright colours reminded them of an oil spill in the ocean. 

The class was challenged to try and get all the bubbles into a smaller bucket. They quickly realized how hard it was to control the bubbles floating on the water. This is similar to trying to control and clean an oil spill in the ocean. 

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