Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 7, 2017 Sharing the Planet Week Term 3 Week 28

 Grade 3 has begun to prepare for International Children's Day. We used part of our art drying rack and we have started to make a tree. 
 We worked in pairs to attach two panels then we  combined panels to make a long row.
 By combining our semicircular table with mesh wire, we will make the trunk of our tree. We had fun playing "pets"in a cage after making the base.
 Here are our "thinkers" taking a rest after some hard work.  
In Math, we made islands and wrote directions to get to a secret treasure.

 We have been discussing what may stunt the growth of a tree and make its tree rings less wide. Eren and Sean showed that fire causes this to happen.
 Beyza showed her knowledge and researched about insects.
 Sumire reflected on what happens to trees in dry conditions. 
 Eren thought that construction would hurt the roots of trees.
 Sana made a connection between the movie "The Lorax," trees and pollution. 
 Leyla realized that dead branches can make homes for animals. Yet, these branches were also a home for bugs and was a fire hazard. 

Emine found out that slopes made trees bend with stress and caused soil erosion. 
 In Math, our class has been studying about transformations. This word means change. Our class remembered the word because of the toy that used to change from an object like a car into a monster. 
There are 3 types of transformations- reflections (flipping), translation (sliding), and rotation (turning). 

 We picked some natural objects and flipped, slid and rotated them for our bulletin board. 
We inquired into this math procedure and discovered that area, angles, length and sizes didn't change. 

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