Thursday, March 16, 2017

Grade 3 Week 26 How the World Works: Parent Day

As a part of our "Celebration of Learning," we presented information about plastic bottles, dams and tap water.
Sean, Talal and Eren gave a presentation on Smart Phones in relation to how the earth has changed by billions of people using them.

Leyla, Sana and Emine gave a lecture about chocolate and child labor.
 We made a graph on the effects of lead on children. We gathered and evaluated interpreted data in order to draw conclusions. Lead is found inside smart phones. Children who recycle phones in China are being exposed to this lead.
 The children made a land feature map as a foundation to our studies.
These girls used a unique way to show formations of land in an exciting way. Click on the picture to show a closeup.

For an excursion, we went to Fujizawa near Shinagawa station. Fujizawa is a small version of Mt. Fuji for those who can't hike the real thing. This little mound was made of the real rocks from when Mt. Fuji exploded. When Mt. Fiji exploded, rocks and ash came out of its crater instead of lava. The hill also contains markers such as the ones a person would see during the Fuji hike. Now, Mt. Fuji is a World Heritage site. We could answer our line of inquiry "How humans respond to changes in the Earth?"
Here is the entrance to our hike. A lion guards the gate.
After peak to peak, we had a nice view of Tokyo when we reached the top.
 Sean remembers seeing these brooms in Harry Potter.
There was a swing set up at the pinnacle. We took a recess break and played.
We found a frog embedded in the volcanic rock. Only in Japan!
After our hike, we went to an advertisement museum.
The students saw the actual products that companies wanted people to purchase. 
There was a special exhibit with a Japanese cartoon.

 2 Museum staff members accompanied and guided us on our journey. Here, we are getting our free tickets for admission.

We could see directly how ads manipulate people into buying goods and services. 

Talal, Erine and Emine found a doll that they thought was moving. The experience was a bit bizarre. They kept going back again and again to see if it changed positions.
This is a theater and gallery. Our class put a sticker on their favorite advertisement and by doing so- this formed a graph with popular results.
We were risk-takers by giving our opinions and communicators.

This globe of cedar in Japan meant a brewery. We were open-minded although we didn't agree with some things that we saw.
The children viewed a timeline of advertisements and the fun part was watching commercials from the 60's to today.

We found out that ads can be more than just ads.
 Beyza, our resident artist, helped beautify our school.

We decided to advertise our school with flowers. We planted flowers in the shape of our school name "JIES" during our parent observation. In the end, we reflected on our experiences. We would like to thank all the people who came to our Celebration of Learning and observation. You made our event a great success.

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