Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 3, 2017 How the World Works Term 2

We made a PowerPoint presentation for our Parent Observation Day coming up on March 16th.
Leyla was our gold medalist in our Grade 3 Speech Contest this year.
 Many people in our class got medals for our Speech Contest and for Science Week. These 2 girls tied for second place in the Speech Contest and they are holding up their silver medals. 
Here are Grade 3's honorable mention candidates in the Speech Contest. Along with her speech medal, Sana won the sail car race competition and she received a box of Legos. 

Jin took away a lot of hardware with a bronze medal for the Speech Contest and 2 golds for his spectacular estimation ability.
In Math, the children have been making charts and figuring out word problems involving thinking. This problem is from the American Girl series and involves colors, fabrics and patterns.

The children used some of the information that we had in Math and applied it to a Language Arts writing assignment. Click on Sumire's story to read her story. 

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