Thursday, March 16, 2017

Grade One Week 26: How the world works

Thank you to the parents and family who came to visit our class for Parent's Day and the Celebration of Learning.  The students had a nice opportunity to share their work with their family and friends. All the students worked very hard this week to finish their portfolios and prepare for their parents visit. 

We began the week by inquiring further into the scientific method and an investigation into the forces of push and pull. The students were given straws, stick, rubber bands, and string and were asked to move a small stone across a piece of paper without touching it. They worked in pairs to form a hypothesis, plan a procedure, conduct an experiment , record data, and form a conclusion. They then reported their findings to the class. Most found that it was easier to pull the stone. 
On Monday when we arrived at school we discovered small mysterious footprints in the Grade One classroom. We believe that these footprints could possible be left by a leprechaun.

Following the scientific method, we worked in teams to build traps to catch the leprechaun.

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