Thursday, March 9, 2017

Grade 4: Week 25: How The World Works: Energy Museum Planning

Grade 4 is getting ready to create an energy museum for International Children's Day in April.  In preparation, they are creating a detailed plan including a floor plan for each area of the room and what the displays, posters, decorations, information etc will look like in each area to tell the story of energy and our central idea that "human energy use has consequences for progress and the environment".  For Parent's Day next Thursday, the students will be presenting their plan to their "investors" (parents) to see if they get approval to move forward and begin creating the museum, or if they need to rethink or redesign any parts of it.  Here they are hard at work using social skills such as accepting responsibility, cooperating, adopting a variety of group roles, group decision making, and resolving conflict in order to get this project finished.  

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