Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grade 4: Week 24: How The World Works: Energy

In Grade 4, the students have been acquiring knowledge about the seven basic forms of energy; mechanical, heat, radiant, nuclear, electricity, chemical, and sound.  After this, they will begin analyzing and synthesizing the information to make connections between them and how they relate to our central idea that "Human energy use has consequences for progress and the environment.  Take a look at them using energy to learn about energy!

Here we learned about potential and kinetic mechanical energy and Newton's Three Laws of Motion.  To better understand them, we talked about forces and did a friction demonstration by trying to take apart two books with overlapping pages.

We saw an example of how sound and radiant waves can travel and reflect by using a slinky.  



We demonstrated kinetic and potential energy and Newton's Third Law of Motion that every action has an equal and opposite reaction by using Newton's cradle.  

We learned how electricity is moving electrons travelling in a continuous current and made simple, series and parallel circuits.  

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