Thursday, March 9, 2017

3/10/2017 Term 2 Week 25 How the World Works Grade 3

 Grade 3 has been in the process of making a giant smartphone with (apps) applications. The icons on the phones flip up and show our research information on how the production of billions of these phones are changing our Earth negatively.
We have been doing a short unit on land features that are changing on our Earth.

In Mathematics, Jin, Sana and Leyla worked on a graph on the effects of lead on children and adults. Pb is one of the materials found in smartphones. 

Sean and his partner are working on a land feature map.

In Language Arts, Beyza wrote definitions of land features. 

Talal, Erin, Emine and others have been busy as beavers. They made a dam as part of their inquiry into changes of the Earth and atmosphere impact living things. The dam shows how humans responded to Earthly changes such as droughts. The reservoir behind the dam saves water for recreation, drinking and power. 

Our dam is fully operational with a spillway. We will show you how it works at the next celebration of learning. 

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