Thursday, February 23, 2017

Grade One Week 23: How the World Works

It was very busy week in Grade One. In addition to our inquiry into How the World Works, we also had Science Week. With students from the other grades we participated in different experiments to learn about magnets, cameras, static electricity and many other exciting new things. 

We began Science Week on Monday by learning about fingerprints.

Learning about magnets

For our inquiry this week, we studied sound. The students used different recycled materials to create their own instruments. They were curious to see which materials they could use to make loud and soft sounds, as well as high and low pitch sounds. 

In math we learned about weight and how to use a balancing scale. 

Working hard on our sail cars.

Heavy, heavier, heaviest

We ended Science Week with a sail car race. Everyone worked hard on their cars and had a great time. 

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