Friday, February 3, 2017

2/03/2017 Grade 3 Term 2 How We Express Ourselves

This week has been extremely busy and it may take a couple of blogs next week to include all the details, pictures and movies. Today we had a Celebration of Learning. We shared our advertisements and speeches with parents, friends and teachers. We also participated in an Art Exhibition at our sister school Jinsho to answer our line of inquiry to answer how arts can be used to reach large audiences. 

We showed our still life acrylic paintings in a prominent corner. 
 In one of the works, a person could get inside the plastic and twirl around like a carousel. 
 There were robot looking creatures but they weren't communicators.

 These cakes looked like they could be eaten. We were principled and didn't!

 One of my personal favorites were the cherry blossoms.

 We learned about patterns just looking at the art.
 Sana took a timeout and posed beside the sand castle city.

We made a backdrop for our speech contest and it will double for Japanese Week. 
 We wrote our speeches for the Speech Contest that we are sponsoring. Click on the speech to enlarge your view.

Beyza and Emine used their integrity and finished a poster about the contest.
We also found time to go to the Ota Museum nearby our school. We saw woodblock prints. We found out that they served as one of the earliest types of advertisement. Also, someone had to intricately hand carve these woodblocks to create a print and print it 8 times to get the exact colors required. The title of the exhibition was "Splendid Views of Edo: Snow, Moon and Flowers. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed in the venue. Next week, you can look forward to see the commercials that we made.

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