Thursday, January 12, 2017

Grade 4: Week 17: How We Express Ourselves: Beliefs and Art Symbolism

In Grade 4 we are starting our new unit on how "Beliefs influence personal expression".  To start the unit we brainstormed ideas on what a belief is and how we our beliefs are influenced.

We also thought about what our own beliefs are. 

Then, we started to learn about the Symbolism movement in art and how around 1900 artists started to use more symbolic elements in their art that were a representation of a bigger idea or theme.

We also looked at some famous symbolism artwork and tried to determine what the symbols in the artwork were and what they meant to us as a viewer and read about what others thought that it meant.  We learned that art can mean different things to different people with different perspectives.  Everyone had interesting ideas for each piece of art!

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