Thursday, January 26, 2017

Grade 3 How We Express Ourselves 1/27/2017 Term 2

We made an electric magnetic engine with a 100 yen kit from Daiso. The copper coil was very difficult to make and it involved sanding the end wires. We got consultation from an Electrical Engineer. The children taped everything down to a wooden block. We put on 3 magnets so that the engine would turn faster. The children fastened clothesline clips to the paperclips so that they would stay up. The engine ran on a (single) double AA battery. The children could see a connection with the magnetic forces that affect our world. 

We are learning how to edit our papers for grammar and spelling mistakes. The children have written a series of stories to express themselves in writing. This will help us with our writing skills to make a speech for our upcoming speech contest. 

Grade 3 made some posters to advertise and promote our 3rd Annual Speech Contest in February. 
Kindergarten collaborated with us and helped to make a poster since they will not be participating in the event as contestants. 

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