Thursday, January 12, 2017

Grade 2: How We Express Ourselves

Although this has been a short week, it has been a fun and busy one! We have been starting our new unit of inquiry, "How We Express Ourselves". At the beginning of the week we created posters for 6 different emotions and wrote about what can make us feel those emotions. The students came up with some great examples of circumstances that can cause us to feel surprised, angry, worried, happy, silly, and scared.

As we "tune in" to this unit, we created 2 brainstorm charts about what we know, and what we want to learn more about. The students have some great ideas about what types of projects and topics they want to explore through this theme.

Grade 2 is very enthusiastic about learning dance! We tried out a simple song and dance, and we also watched some unique dance performances that use light and shadow in interesting ways.

The students also created their own pictures showing the different IB learner profile attributes. They explained what their attribute means in their own words and drew a picture to illustrate how we can incorporate it in our daily lives.

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